Train Kung Fu...

... and begin a journey that could change your life.

Whether you are looking to get in shape, learn self defense, build confidence, gain discipline, improve balance and coordination, or develop a peaceful heart through the skills of a warrior, training in Kung fu, we can help you achieve your goals.  Anyone can train in Kung Fu and benefit from what it has to offer.  

Our three programs are divided by age.  Class activities and curriculum are customized for each age and level.  Many of our Teen/Adult students started as Little Dragons, and some of them now have leadership roles in our school.

Teens and Adults
Ages 13 and up

In the teen and adult program students learn a broad range of skills, including Kicks, Hand Strikes, Blocks, Stances, Jumps, Hand Forms, Weapon Forms, Basic Self Defense, Takedowns, Breakfalls and Tumbling, Joint locking (Chin-na), Sparring*, Stretching and QiGong. Activities are scaled for age and ability--teenagers and young adults might focus on higher impact skills.  More mature adults might focus more on the internal aspect of kung fu, with less impactful exercises. Our lead Instructors have over a decade of experience scaling exercises for different ages and abilities.

*Freestyle sparring is only for intermediate and advanced students.  Beginners do sparring partner drills to build technique and coordination.

Most classes include a limbering warmup, cardio and strengthening exercises, stretching, basic skills, then we break up by level to work on rank-specific skills.  Class ends with qigong/breathing, or a stretch. 


Junior Kung Fu
Ages 7 to 12

Learn confidence, self control, agility, teamwork and respect for others.  The Junior program balances hard work and fun.  Class content includes stances, strikes, blocks, movements inspired by animal kung fu, hand forms (choreographed sequences), self defense and traditional weapons of Kung Fu, such as staff and broadsword (weapons work starts at intermediate level). Students learn to about self control, and not using their Kung Fu inappropriately or abusively.

Our lead instructors each have 15-20 years of experience teaching children. 

As Junior kids get older or higher level, leadership opportunities become available to those who are ready. 

Most children graduate to the teen/adult program around the age of 13.


Little Dragons
Ages 5 to 6

Fun and games help Little Dragons build coordination and agility, confidence, learn cooperation and teamwork and respect for others.  At the end of each class, students may earn a star, depending on the content area: Strikes and Blocks, Balance and Focus, Tumbling and breakfalls, Fitness and Flexibility, Safety and Self Defense and Traditional Shaolin Skills. Little Dragons also learn about the importance of listening, cooperation, and calming skills for when you’re feeling upset or frustrated.  Students also learn to about self control, and not using their Kung Fu inappropriately or abusively.

Our lead instructors each have 15-20 years of experience teaching children.   

Classes are 1x/week.

Most students transition to Juniors at or around the age of 7. 


COVID Protocol:

  • Masks are required for all students and instructors, indoors and outdoors while training, regardless of vaccination status.  Parents and other visitors must wear a mask indoors.  Mask optional outdoors, for visitors/parents.  Students are required to distance themselves from others when possible. NOTE: Masks should be N95 or KN95, if available, or a minimum of KF94 or surgical mask.

  • Instructors and assistants can make brief contact with Juniors and Little Dragons, to make corrections.  Vaccinated teens and adults can make contact with each other during partner drills.  Students who are not comfortable with any contact should let us know and we will modify activities for them.  All of our instructors and assistants are fully vaccinated.

  • Currently, all classes are in-person, either outdoors (weather permitting), or indoors. We have 1.6 acres of land with sun and shade options for outdoor training.

  • Our indoor training area has ample cross ventilation (a huge garage bay door and another door on the opposite wall).

  • We sanitize all surfaces and restrooms before opening each day.  We sanitize training equipment (target mitts, heavy bags) prior to each use.

  • Starting January 1st, all students are required to be vaccinated against Covid-19, and get boosted when they are eligible to do so.


The current schedule is listed below.



Junior Beginner is novice, white sash, gold sash, orange sash, orange stripe

Junior Intermediate and Advanced is purple sash/stripe, blue sash/stripe, green sash/stripe, red sash/stripe, brown sash/stripe


 4:00-4:45pm Little Dragons

 5:00-5:45pm Junior Intermediate/Advanced

 5:45-7:00pm Teens and Adults (Ages 13+)




 4:00-4:45pm Junior Beginners

 5:00-6:15pm Junior Intermediate/Advanced



4:00-4:45pm Junior Beginners   

5:00-7:00pm Teens and Adults


         10:00-10:45 Junior Beginners

         11:00-12:00 Junior Intermediate/Advanced

         12:15-1:45 Teens and Adults

2:00-3:30pm Black & Brown Sash training with Shifu Li



Little Dragons (ages 5-6):

     Tuesdays: 4:00-4:45


Juniors Beginners (ages 7-12):
Wedneday  4:00 4:45pm
  Thursdays: 4:00-4:45pm
  Saturdays: 10:00-10:45am 

Juniors Intermediate and Advanced (ages 7-12)
    Tuesdays: 5:00-5:45pm

    Wednesday: 5:00-6:15pm     

    Saturdays: 11:00am-12:00pm  


Teens and Adults (ages 13+)
     Tuesdays      5:45-7:00pm All Levels
    Thursdays    5:00-7:00pm All Levels
  Saturdays     12:15-1:45 All Levels