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Shifu Lisandro Vega

Master Lisandro Vega, known as Shifu Li at the school, has over 40 years of experience in martial arts and is a nationally-respected teacher of Shaolin and Eagle Claw Kung Fu. He has trained with Grandmaster (Sigung) Leung Li Fu, Sifu Shi Yan Ming, and Master Hu Jian Quang, among others. Shifu Li is a brilliant and compassionate teacher of children and adults, who is dedicated to the tenets and practices of Shaolin Kung Fu. Shifu Li provides regular training for the Lead Instructors and Assistant Instructors and teaches special seminars for all students.

Fu Leung

"One More TIme. For Luck!"
R.I.P 1-16-2022

Grandmaster Fu Leung has been teaching for over fifty years, and as early as 1980 was teaching Shaolin Temple arts and Eagle Claw in the United States.  Grandmaster Fu has helped set up over twenty schools in seventeen countries and his students now teach in schools across the US.  Beginning his training at the age of four, Grandmaster Fu studied the Monkey system under his temple godmother and the Eagle system under his temple godfather.  During his time in Hong Kong he studied Hung Gar under the late Sifu Chan Hon Chung, as well as expanding his knowledge of Eagle Claw studying in Lau Fat Mang’s gym.  At one point a military man, his martial skill was tested in Vietnam among other armed conflicts.  Grandmaster Fu continues to teach with the goal of educating people on the true martial and philosophical meaning of Kung Fu.

While Sigung has recently passed on, all of us inspired by his great influence are committed to living his memory, and honoring the training he gave us. Hard work, and endless dedication to Kung Fu. Rest in Peace Sigung Fu Leung.

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