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The Legacy Continues

The Shaolin Kung Fu Center of Hadley got it's start from humble beginnings. Officially established in 2004, under the guidance of Shifu Li, it is the longest running Shaolin Kung Fu school in the area, and the only Eagle Claw school in Massachusetts.  Shifu Li's continued guidance set the bar high and we continue that legacy today.  In 2007, Jess Laoshi, and Ryan Laoshi took over the ownership of the school, at Shifu Li's request. Since then Jess Laoshi has been leading the school with a strong sense of discipline, determination and community spirit. Since 2007, we have called many places our kung fu home, but in early 2020, we were finally able to live our dream of owning our own property!   In early 2020, Phil Laoshi and Jess Laoshi purchased a large building on 1.6 acres of beautiful land in Hadley-- our school's "forever home".

Shifu Jessica Grasmere
4th Degree Black Sash
School Owner and Administrator

Shifu Jess began her martial arts journey in 1999.  In addition to Eagle Claw, Shaolin, Northern Longfist, Shifu also trained in Wah Lum Kung Fu for 5 years.  She has 20 years of experience teaching Chinese martial arts to students of all ages. She was an AFAA certified kickboxing instructor, and also has over 25 years of experience in ballet and various other styles of dance.

Shifu Jess took over ownership and day to day operation of the Shaolin Kung Fu Center of Hadley back in 2007 (when we were the Shaolin Kung Fu Center of Amherst)She believes that having a "beginner's mind" is the key to growth and adaptation.

Jessica Grasmere was awarded her 4th Degree under the auspices of Shifu Lisandro Vega, our teacher and head of the Warrior Fusion Martial Arts Association. He also bestowed upon her the title of Shifu, in recognition of her decades of training and teaching, as well as her tireless efforts as the Leader and Head instructor of the Shaolin Kung Fu Center of Hadley. Congratulations Shifu Jess!

Philip Myers
3rd Degree Black Sash

Phil Laoshi began his kung fu career in 2004 and was one of the school’s first students when it opened in Amherst. Now, Phil Laoshi works closely with Jess Laoshi, co-leading the schools programming.  Phil Laoshi has 7 years of experience as an exercise coach and 10 years of experience as a fire, acrobatics and dance performer.    In addition to teaching all levels and ages of Kung Fu, Phil Laoshi was responsible for the expansion and improvement of our Demo Team, which has been performing at local and regional events since 2007.  He also coaches our Tournament Team, which has earned numerous medals at Regional and National Tournaments. 


Ras Smallidge
3rd Degree Black Sash

Ras Laoshi is one of the original students of our school when it opened in Amherst in 2004.  He trains with great power and conviction. Ras Laoshi teaches both the Junior and Little Dragons Kung Fu programs. To his teaching, he brings his natural talent as well as extensive knowledge of body mechanics. In addition to keen insights into martial arts, he is a Certified Massage Therapist.

Ryan Budny
2nd Degree Black Sash

Ryan Laoshi is a 2nd degree black sash who has been training in martial arts since 1999. Besides Shaolin Kung Fu, he has trained in Wah Lum, Tae Kwon Do and American boxing.  Sihing Ryan brings enthusiasm, high energy, and humor to his classes.  He teaches the Adult and Junior Kung Fu programs and is one of the lead instructors for the annual Kung Fu Adventure Week, where he specializes in the Ninja training and games.

Assistant Instructors

Students who have show exceptional dedication and commitment as well as a willingness to help others, eventually get chosen to become helpers and eventually Assistant Instructors. They help the Laoshis teach classes and always go above and beyond for their Kung Fu.

Bios Coming Soon!

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