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Information for your first class:

 Whether a you are training to get in shape, find better focus and mind/body awareness, or to develop strength and self defense skills, we can guide you on your journey.

At Shaolin Kung Fu Center of Hadley, we take a broad view of the martial arts. Students learn a wide range of skills, properly scaled to each person's ability, age, and level. 

Here are some guidelines and information for your first class:

  • If possible, arrive 5-15 minutes before class starts. Once you arrive, an instructor or assistant will greet you.  We’ll let you know where to put your things.

  • Parents can wait outside—we have plenty of shaded areas, or in your car.  Due to COVID, we do not currently have an indoor waiting area.

  •  Wear comfortable exercise clothing and sneaker-type shoes. Classes generally include calisthenics, dynamic and static stretching as well as complex movement. Wear clothing that is not restrictive and lets you move freely.  During the winter months, please do not wear street shoes on the training room floor.  Bring clean shoes to change into.

  • Classes are either indoors (with ample ventilation), or outdoors (weather permitting).

  • Bring your own water bottle with water in it.

  • Please wear a face mask while training, and while indoors.  We recommend bringing an extra one, as sweaty masks are hard to breathe in.

  • Be mindful of your body.  Every student is in a different place athletically. Don’t feel like you have to prove anything at your first class.  There will be a time and a place to push yourself, but the purpose of your first class is to see if Kung Fu is something you want to continue doing. 

  • Expect to be sore afterwards, especially if you are new to martial arts or athletic training. Even if you work out or play sports regularly, the unique movements and approach will engage your muscles in new ways.

  • Our curriculum is broad—we teach a wide range of skill sets from basic strikes, to tumbling and breakfalls to weapons work.  Your first class will not be a complete sampling of our curriculum.  If you want a more comprehensive trial, we recommend 1 month of kung fu classes.

An average Teen/Adult class (content and times will vary):

10-15 min Limbering movements, calisthenics, stretching

20-25 min Basic techniques (Gibeigong)-- Hand Strikes, Kicks, Blocks, Jumping, Combinations

30-40 min Level-specific work in small groups

5-15 min Qigong and/or stretching

Format for Juniors and Little Dragons involves shorter timeframes, keeping it dynamic and fun.

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