Covid-19 Policies

Updated 3/16/2022

Due to the ongoing pandemic, we have implemented a number of policies to insure that we can continue to train while being as safe as possible. Participation at the school depends on members abiding by these common sense precautions so that everyone can feel safe, and continue to train.

The Martial way teaches us to be strong to protect ourselves, as well as others. That strength comes from compassion and kindness for our fellow humans, so during this pandemic, we take precautions for the safety of ourselves and our community. We are taught to hone our skills so we can be safe in the face of violence, so in the face of a virus, we hone our protection through thoughtful precautions.

Vaccinations are required for all Students and Staff:

As of Jan 1, 2022, all students will be required to show proof of vaccination prior to attending their first class. Boosters are required as they become available. Please bring proof of vaccination with you, or send us a pic prior to attending your first class.

Mask are Required at all times inside and during training:

Although the town of Hadley has lifted it's mask mandate, we feel that it is prudent to continue masking during training, for the time being, as an extra precaution.  Masks are required inside at all times. Only exception is while actively drinking water. We recommend N95, KN95, KF94 or surgical masks.

Maintain Social distance of at least 6ft or more when possible:

All students should maintain proper social distance while at the school. During Covid surges, students will not work with direct contact. Drilling combat techniques will be done with equipment (Heavy bags, foam boffers, focus mitts) to avoid close contact.

Space is Ventilated at all times:

Training room will be ventilated by having our large garage door open during classes. In the winter that means it will be cold inside please wear layers.

Follow enhanced sanitizing recommendations:

We observe extra sanitizing procedures, including hand washing and sanitizing during class, and washing/sanitizing of equipment when necessary, and sanitization of surfaces and restrooms. This is an important step to slow any potential spread through touch surfaces. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the building.

Safety during water breaks:

Water breaks will be staggered to minimize the number of students drinking water at any one time. Masks may be pulled down while drinking but must be on as soon as possible. Please maintain social distance while hydrating. Please be sure to drink plenty of water prior to class.

This policy will continue to be adjusted as the landscape of the pandemic shifts and evolves.